Waleed Nasir
Head of Products, Virtual Force Inc.

Waleed currently heads a technology innovation lab, VirtualForce.io, that incubates next generation digital products and technologies. He is aimed at solving complex business problems through deep tech and digital transformation in areas like Healthcare, CleanTech, FinTech and Blockchain.

In the past, he led the design and engineering at an Ad-Tech company (Freewheel Media), which was acquired by Comcast for $350M.

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Mike Passaretti
ULC’s Project Manager

Mike has been working in robotics for the past fourteen years. He’s worked in multiple industries on projects that have taken him all over the world. He’s an avid hobbyist and spends his spare time pursuing his passions in rocketry, building and constantly exploring new subjects. Mike has aspired to learn and build since he was very young. His parents encouraged him to ask questions, experiment, explore, draw his ideas, learn new subjects, and use tools safely. He was given a lot of freedom to try new things, to fail and

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Jura Christine Zibas
Lawyer & Partner at Wilson Elser

Jura Zibas is a lawyer and partner at Wilson Elser and is co-chair of the firm’s intellectual property practice and a member of the information governance leadership committee.

Jura is also on The Board of The Mentor Project and is a mentor. She has an extensive technology background and focuses her legal practice on intellectual property, technology and commercial matters. Relying on her scientific and analytical skill sets, Jura assists in solving

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LaTonya Kilpatrick-Liverman, PhD
Worldwide Director of Technology, Early Clinical Dental Research and Methods Development Colgate Palmolive Co

Dr. LaTonya Kilpatrick-Liverman works in the Clinical Dental Research Dept at Colgate Palmolive Co. She leads a diverse team of researchers responsible for evaluating early in development technologies, developing improved clinical methods to objectively measure oral conditions, and developing new clinical measurements to detect pre-clinical

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Marcella M. Nehrbass
Manager, Network Operations Colgate-Palmolive Company

I hold a BA degree in Engineering from Lafayette College, a Master of Engineering Management degree from Duke University, and am currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration from Temple University.

I have worked for Colgate-Palmolive for ten years and held positions of increasing responsibility in various supply chain functions: Factory Performance and Reliability, Procurement, Planning, Manufacturing Team Leader, and Continuous Improvement Engineer.

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Bill "Ches" Cheswick
Nerd Maker

Ches is known for his early work in Internet security, including firewalls, proxies, and as co-author on the first full book on Firewalls. He is also noted for his work in visualizations, especially Internet maps, which have appeared widely. Ches has worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Shannon Lab, and was a cofounder of Lumeta Corp.

He continues to invent, collaborate, write apps, consult, hang out with grad students at the University of Pennsylvania, and give talks worldwide. He currently visits schools to teach advanced STEM concepts to grade schoolers in The Mentor Project.

Robert "Bob" Cousins

Bob Cousins has worked with startups in both energy and computing for more than 35 years. Bob has served as CTO and/or Engineering VP of multiple technology companies from New York to California. He is an inventor and technologist, holding over twenty patents in diverse areas including filesystem design, data storage and security, high frequency RADAR, imaging and medical instrumentation, and virtual credit cards. He has also written two novels, Pipov and Miller's Trials.

Regina Hourigan
Manager in Strategic Innovations & Technology Alliances

Regina Hourigan is a Manager in Strategic Innovations & Technology Alliances for Colgate-Palmolive. Her current role is focused on developing and embedding Innovation Capabilities for R&D and beyond at Colgate. This has been an unexpected, and rewarding, career shift for her. Her roots are in chemical engineering and she spent her early career on both the manufacturing floor and R&D lab benches. While researching & launching products for both Irish Spring

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How bacteria in our mouth can be both healthy and detrimental

Aamani Rupakula, PhD
Microbiology, Research Scientist

Aamani Rupakula is an early-career microbiology research scientist. Aamani studied her Bachelors of Microbiology and Masters of Microbiology in India. She then went on to pursue her PhD/Doctorate of Microbiology in EPFL – Ecole polytechnique federale Lausanne / Swiss Federal institute of technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. She studied how bacteria work and how we can use their genetic machinery to help clean up our environment, by breaking down pollutants on earth. She then pursued

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Mission to Mercury
Irene Yachbes, MS
Mentor Project
Chief Product Officer

Irene Yachbes has been a tech professional in the robotics and digital industries for 18 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia and her Masters Degree in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University.

As a Spacecraft Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Maryland, she performed integration, testing, and launch site support for four spacecraft that studied the Earth’s atmosphere, planets and comets.

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Avidor Rabinovich
VP Business Development
at Tensor Technologies Israel

My passion is to combine business and technology, turning them into a viable, useful and needed product, rapidly reaching monetization.

For the past few years I have been leading few hi-tech companies in multiple sectors of IoT (Internet-of-things). My greatest ability is to multitask through the business, top-down, and operate it.

I "Speak" multiple languages - Technology, Business development, Marketing, Sales, Finance and operations; and know how to combine and optimize between them.

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Elisha Gray is one of our more important and prolific inventors, yet today he is almost unknown.

Elisha Gray is one of our more important and prolific inventors, yet today his almost unknown.

In 1865, Elisha had his first invention – a self-adjusting relay for the telegraphic system. A relay is a form of electrically controlled switch. He received his first patent on this device two years later. He would be granted more than seventy in his long career.

In 1869, Elisha partnered with Enos Barton to found Gray & Barton Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Nikola Tesla

Whenever you see a high line traveling across the countryside, you will see that it usually carries three wires thanks to Tesla’s idea.

The higher managers in Continental Edison quickly noticed Tesla’s advanced knowledge and understanding of engineering and physics and were sending him around France and Germany to troubleshoot all manner of problems for the company. After two years of being a star, Tesla was transferred to the US in 1884.

He spent six months working with Edison’s attempts to use his direct current system in increasingly complex

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Thomas Edison

At the end of the nineteenth century, electrical technology still needed to mature. The leading force in bringing electricity to market was Thomas Edison, one of our greatest inventors. He also invented motion pictures, sound recording and dozens of other useful items.

Edison’s style of inventing was to figure out something the world needed, then go into his lab and try things until he

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Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse is an enigma. For the first three decades of his life, Morse showed little sign that he would invent a world-changing technology.

He supported himself by working as a contract painter. He showed great promise as a painter and his work caught the eye of Washington Allston, perhaps the most famous artist in the country at that time.

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Steam, Culture, and the Industrial Revolution

Most experts will tell you that the Industrial Revolution started just before our War for Independence, in the middle 1700s, and continued for a century or more. Let us not get hung up on the dates. The truth is that the Industrial Revolution really started slowly around 1700 and continued until well after 1900 in the US.

Life before and after the Revolution

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