Valerie Fridland

Professor of Linguistics

Valerie Fridland is Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Linguistics in the English department at University of Nevada, Reno.  As a sociolinguist, her main focus is on varieties of American English. Her research, funded through the National Science Foundation, mainly focuses on differences in the production and perception of vowel sounds. The goal of her research is to better understand how variability in speech production relates to variability in speech perception and how social identity (such as being female, rural or Latinx) affects speech. She has just completed a book, Sociophonetics,  for Cambridge University Press and edited three volumes on contemporary Western States English for Duke University Press.  She also has a video lecture series entitled “Language and Society” released by The Great Courses.  Her work is also regularly published in journals ranging from American Speech, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language Variation and Change, Lingua and Journal of Phonetics and appears in a number of edited collections.  She has appeared on podcasts and news programs such as The Elegant warrior (appearing April 20), Walkmymind, CBS news, and Newsy’s The Why.


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