Roland Mokuolu

Roland Mokuolu


Roland, alongside his twin brother, Rich, spent his formative years taking things apart, so he could put them back together. While studying Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech, Roland discovered that his passion extended beyond inventing and innovating—he loved helping others access resources and training to enable them to bring their ideas to life as well.

Roland has a degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. He’s worked on several large-scale mergers and acquisitions and strategic refinancing as an Assistant Vice President for a bulge bracket investment bank in New York City. As Partsimony’s COO, Roland is focused on the internal operations and growth of the company.

Roland passionately believes that everyone is born with the ability to create something incredible, and that it takes a group of people working in tandem to introduce a truly timeless and impactful innovation to the world. This drive purpose motivates him out of bed every morning, and fuels his work at Partsimony.