Robert Dowling


Robert is the Founder and CEO at Alphagora (, selling subscriptions to automated cryptocurrency trading tools.  These tools include quantitative and machine learning algorithms that compute and issue market order signals, an order management system that automatically executes those signals on a trader’s exchange / custodian accounts, and a web platform where traders can manage multiple strategies, for multiple assets, across multiple exchanges.

He was a former Managing Director for Alluminate and a former Strategy Director for Luminous Group, both boutique blockchain consultancies;  and was a co-Founder and former Chief Operating Officer at rePurpose (, a social enterprise offsetting plastic footprints of consumers and corporations through investment in plastic trash pickers living in dense urban slums.  rePurpose won the 2018 University of Pennsylvania President's Engagement Prize, a $200,000 USD grant.  

Robert is a junior and Wharton Research Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, studying electrical engineering (photonics and quantum technology) in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and finance at The Wharton School.  He holds invitations to the Summit, Renaissance Weekend, and the ZCash Foundation’s ZCon ideas festivals, and is a StartingBloc Fellow and Management and Technology Fellow.  

He teaches introductory seminars on Bitcoin for Wharton Global Initiatives’ summer high school programmes; has taught the informal, University wide introductory blockchain course for Penn Blockchain; has delivered guest lectures on Bitcoin and blockchain forensics at the Department of Defense’s National Defense University; and served as a teaching assistant for CIS 233 Introduction to Blockchian, the first course on blockchain offered at Penn Engineering.  Robert co-hosts, along with preeminent executive coach Alisa Cohn, Jeffersonian Dinners on blockchain in New York.

Robert is one of the first people in the world to have drone skied.  He served on a private security detail for the Pope when His Holiness visited Philadelphia in 2015 for the World Meeting of Families.  Robert served as a Midshipman in the US Marine Corps NROTC for two years, and has also served on the Red Cross Disaster Action Team.


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