Regina Hourigan

Manager in Strategic Innovations & Technology Alliances - Colgate-Palmolive

Regina Hourigan is a Manager in Strategic Innovations & Technology Alliances for Colgate-Palmolive. Her current role is focused on developing and embedding Innovation Capabilities for R&D and beyond at Colgate. This has been an unexpected, and rewarding, career shift for her. Her roots are in chemical engineering and she spent her early career on both the manufacturing floor and R&D lab benches. While researching & launching products for both Irish Spring & Palmolive, mentors and leaders at Colgate helped her realize her potential to foster creativity and collaboration in others. Ever since then she has been driving and embedding innovation capabilities to transform organizational culture.

In her current role, Regina's goal is to stretch how Colgate people work across the organization - by embedding Design Thinking and new innovation capabilities into our work globally - to create even more meaningful and breakthrough innovations for the users of Colgate products. She leads the adoption of Design Thinking at Colgate & is a leader Colgate's Design Thinking Catalysts - impacting & influencing hundreds of employees and our users. She is also the lead of a community of over 85 Creative Problem Solving facilitators, who are specially trained in conducting problem solving workshops - generating novel and practical ideas for teams and fostering our innovative culture at Colgate. These efforts have led to over 90% of surveyed R&D team members finding relevance and value these innovation practices.

Her degree is in Chemical Engineering from the Cooper Union. Regina is a highly skilled facilitator, with training from Synectics Creative Problem solving and Executive Education from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University (Customer Focused Innovation, Leadership and Risk Taking, and Design Thinking). She has facilitated over 50 workshops in areas such as problem solving, business development, strategy development, and Design Thinking. She currently coaches executive trainings at the dSchool in Stanford University. During her career she has worked for L'Oreal, Accenture & Colgate Palmolive. She is a holder of 5 patents and an author of 2 book chapters.


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