Clare Donovan

PatentDive Educator

Clare Donovan while a student, invented and patented the world’s first glow in the dark swim goggles. After graduating, she went on to sign a deal with Amazon Exclusives and began working with Dr. Leininger, the individual who helped with her first patent. The company PatentDive Inc, is a New Orleans based software company which helps inventors and patent practitioners with the patent drafting process.

During her short-time there, she realized she wanted to give students the opportunity to innovate while learning how to protect their work, just as she had previously done. In 2018, she launched the PatentDive Educator a project-based STEM/STEAM program which challenges students to invent solutions to problems within their society while learning the patenting process. The program is currently used in in K-12 and university classes.

Lastly, through the program Clare has made it her mission to bring more diversity into the patenting process. As of 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued its tenth millionth patent, but only ten percent of these patent holders were women-only inventors. As an inventor and patent-holder, she plans to close the gap while allowing students to invent a better tomorrow.

Flowglows story:

Mother-Daughter duo Flo and Clare Donovan have volunteered for over ten years teaching children and adults with special needs how to swim. Their swimmers loved anything which glowed in the dark so the pair set out to find them glowing swim goggles.

Soon after, they discovered there were none to be found- in the world. After months of long days and nights, they invented the world’s first glow in the dark swim goggles and started the company, FlowGlows which gives back to organization they still volunteer for.


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