Aamani Rupakula, PhD

Microbiology, Research Scientist

Aamani Rupakula is an early-career microbiology research scientist. Aamani studied her Bachelors of Microbiology and Masters of Microbiology in India. She then went on to pursue her PhD/Doctorate of Microbiology in EPFL – Ecole polytechnique federale Lausanne / Swiss Federal institute of technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. She studied how bacteria work and how we can use their genetic machinery to help clean up our environment, by breaking down pollutants on earth. She then pursued her Post doctoral Research at Rutgers University, New jersey to learn how to isolate such bacteria from the natural environments and how to cultivate them in different conditions, in order to study which new pollutants can be biodegraded under various environmental niches. Upon completion of her Post Doctoral Research she joined Colgate-Palmolive Company in NJ, as a Research Scientist to explore how bacteria in our mouth can be both healthy and detrimental/bad and to apply her knowledge in microbiology in order to develop mouthwashes or toothpastes (oral care products) that help to fight against the bad bacteria in our mouth that cause gum diseases like tooth decay/caries, gingivitis etc. In her free time, Aamani loves to travel, enjoys snow-shoeing, and loves to learn about new cultures. Aamani grew up in Botswana, Africa until high school then went back to India (her homeland) and studied there until Masters of Science, and thereon went to Switzerland, Europe and is currently in USA. Aamani believes Science can take us places and she loves exploring different cultures, countries and various aspects of Microbiology along her career.



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